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October 21, 2011 / Rachel Bednarski

30 Day Book Meme: Day 6 – My Favourite Young Adult Book

Three memes in one day, I told you I wouldn’t play this 30 Day Book Meme by the rules!

I’m going to make make myself look very un-literary now (and I’ve mentioned Harry Potter twice today, dang!) but my favourite books as a young teenager were what my friends and I referred to as the ‘Nunga Nungas’ books, or, the series of books about Georgia Nicholson, which began with the now very popular Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. They were great, hilarious books which accompanied me through my own Georgia-esq tween years and capture perfectly the trails and embarrassments of being an adolescent girl.

Then it said on the news, ‘And tonight the Prime Minister has just got to Number Ten.’
I looked down at Jas and said, ‘Ooer.’ Meaning he’d got to number ten on the snogging scale. And then we both laughed like loons.

She’s brilliant, isn’t she? When I have a daughter of my own I will force her to read these books. She wont be allowed to watch the film though, that was beyond the pale.

Oh, Blimey O’Riley’s pantyhose….What is the point of Shakespeare? I know he is a genius and so on, but he does rave on. ‘What light doth through yonder window break?’ It’s the bloody moon, for God sake, Will, get a grip!



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  1. Oh gosh, I remember reading these books with my friends, laughing so hard that tears streamed down our faces. Thank you for reminding me of those fabulous books!

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